Saturday, April 16, 2011

Message about Fr. Pete's Passing

Fr. Pete spent the day resting and receiving a stream of loving visitors. Many of us ping-ponged between Pete's room and Fred Ballard's. Many prayers, rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets were said for Father.

The staff had treated him like the prince among men that he was. About 10 p.m. we all decided (14 of us) to serenade him with a soft lullaby version of "A New World Somewhere." So beautiful!

Not long after the gang left, Fr. Pete's breathing became more shallow and less frequent. He was pronounced dead @11:45 pm (of Thursday, April 14). His body was moved to a peaceful area for viewing and in about 4 hours will go to the University of Hawai'i for use by the medical students.

Modesto said "He was just waiting for us to serenade him."

We love you, Fr. Pete, and we have been forever changed by your love,
Jose & Mary Elizabeth

This is a portion of the message of Jose and Mary Elizabeth of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter to its members in Hawai'i. Thank you, wonderful couple.