Friday, April 15, 2011

Please pray for Fr. Peter Peterson

Here's a message from Deacon Modesto updating us on the present condition of Fr. Pete Peterson, who awaits the call of God to take him home:

Dear friends:

Thank you for all your prayers and support (for Fr. Pete Peterson). Yesterday he was visited by many friends, WWME couples, deacons and priests. I think in a way he was "happily" overwhelmed. Last night he slept okay. He did have fever of 101.3 but this morning the fever went down to 98. His pain is increasing today and the doctor ordered pain killers every two hours to keep him as comfortable as possible. I am very thankful for all your words of support and prayers too. The hospice staff at CFA is such a caring a great group. They gave me a recliner and blankets and I laid down next to Pete's bed. He is a good roommate. I think I snored more than he did. I came home to take a well needed shower and now I am in my way back to CFA. If you like to come and visit please do so. you can reach me at 294-0232.

Deacon Modesto