Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas to our Bishop and Priests!

To our beloved Bishop Larry Silva, 
Vicar General Gary Secor,
all priests and clergy:

A most joyous Christmas!

May your days of Christmas be filled with 
much joy, peace and love.

We thank you for your service
to the Church and for all your sacrifices
that lead to sanctification of souls. 

May you be blessed more than words can say,
more than a thousand, as they say,
for only God can know the measure of grace
and abundance of blessings, 
which he has wonderfully reserved 
for his priests.

God forever keep and bless you
and keep your path filled with comfort 
and the assurance of the constancy 
of his love, presence and strength.

To God be glory and honor for you!

-Spiritual moms of the Spiritual Moms Apostolate