Monday, December 16, 2013

Gaudette Sunday

The Third Sunday of Advent or "Gaudette," meaning a day of "rejoicing," is an invitation to be joyful in the promise of the coming of God.

God's joy is made manifest in the church; Pope Francis himself said on Gaudette Sunday that the Church is a "house of joy." In the liturgy the invitation to rejoice and to arise is evident as it resounds to us that "the Lord is near, Christmas is near."

"Christian joy, like hope, has its foundation in the faithfulness of God, in the certainty that he always keeps his promises," Pope Francis said.

I say that Evangelii Gaudium or "Joy of the Gospel" is most likely the best resource to read for this week. I invite you all to read this writing of our dear pope, Pope Francis. I'm in the process of reading this apostolic exhortation and already I am filled with awe for what God wants his children to see that many have forgotten: mainly, that he is a God of joy.

A most joyful Gaudette!

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