Monday, October 3, 2011

A Meditation for Priests - "Give Me to Drink"

by Dolci

"O Priest, contemplate the crucifix. How often you have looked at your God on the cross and done nothing more. And yet, how many good thoughts could have been suggested by the sight of My suffering?

Recall to your mind the hours of My agony, the hours of Blood and of Redemption...I was nailed to the Cross as a malefactor, I, the Innocent one!

My tormented Body was prey to the most burning fever. One drop of water would have brought a little bid of relief and I begged it: 'I thirst.'

The pious women heard the cry and they would have run to help Me, but this was not permittee them.

My Virgin Mother did not speak nor even make a gesture; her suppliant look was turned upon the guards. One small drop of vinegar mixed with gall was lifted to My lips.

The Creator asks a drop of water from His creatures for whom He gives His life...and it is denied Him!

My plea, 'I thirst,' although it is a demand of nature, is a symbolical cry...It is not the water that I seek...I have a thirst for souls. I have a thirst for love.

Priest of My hear, today I address to you the suffering cry of Golgotha... You know that I am a great Thirster for love, the Beggar for love...a God Who begs. Do I need anything? Am I not happiness itself? Yet, the love that burns within Me drives Me to utter folly.

For was it not this folly of love that made Me assume human flesh, pour out My Blood and remain a Prisoner in the Tabernacle...?

I have chosen you from among millions of men. 'You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you.' You should be grateful and love Me more than anyone else...

From the priest I demand a love that is pure, detached, noble; it would be robbery to deny Me this.

I must reign in your heart, I alone.

I am a jealous God and I cannot allow your love to have any reservations. If any other affections are lodged in your heart, your God will be disturbed. Empty it of all things and I will refill it; the great the emptying, the greater will be the inflow of grace...

Each morning you are wont to say to Me: 'I adore You my God, and I love You with all my heart.' Be attentive. If there reigns in you any other affection that would not be for Me, would this not be a lie?

Eliminate all dis-ordinate affections. Do you not see that such attachments made your heart bleed? I alone bring peace, the true peace that the world cannot give.

Make Me reign in your mind. Think of Me often; I am happy in knowing that you think of Me...The priests who think of Me more frequently are the ones more blessed by Me and hence, are more apostolic.

Your first thought, upon awakening, should be directed to Me. This pleases Me. In the morning make a covenant:'Every beat of my heart will be an act of love.' Believe Me, I will receive these as such and My heart will be touched because this covenant is a sign of fervor. Renew this part throughout the day. As the Holy Virgin to renew it frequently in your name. This is more efficacious for the interior life."

PRACTICE: Throughout the day frequently raise your mind to God.

Source: Sitio: Meditations for Priests by Rev. Giuseppe Tomaselli, SDB., translated by Rev. Thomas J. Donnelly, Archdiocese of New York