Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beatitudes for Nuturing Church Vocations in the Family

Picture Courtesy of The Catholic Sun

While visiting a sick friend, I found a little pamphlet near the Chapel that contained the following beatitudes courtesy of Blessed Marianne Cope Sisters of St. Francis email:


Blessed are the children of parents who...

1. Witness love for their spouse, their children, their neighbor, and the world.

2. Talk freely about the presence of God in the joys and sorrows of their lives.

3. Remind their children that they are loved by God and have been given gifts to serve others.

4. Lead their family in prayer.

5. Speak positively about priests, sisters, brothers, and deacons.

6. Participate in the lay ministries and activities of their parish and community.

7. Invite a deacon, brother, sister or priest to their home.

8. Encourage their children to consider priesthood and religious life, as well as marriage.