Monday, August 3, 2009

Prayer for My Priest on a Sunday Night

Catholic Priest

We're a little late in sharing this prayer but I just got it this morning. Please try to remember to pray it next Sunday evening.
By Ellen E. Reddick, 3/16/2008

Heavenly Father, I ask

A special blessing for my priest tonight.

All week he has served You—and us

And done so with eagerness and devotion.

Especially today, leading us to You in worship

And bringing Your Son to us in the Eucharist.

And now he is tired, weary, spent.

I see it in his eyes, his face, his movements.

The spirit is so willing, still eager,

Yet the flesh is fragile, so very human.

And so I ask on his behalf:

Grant him rest; refresh his soul;

Renew his strength and fill him with joy.

Grant him sleep –

Sweet, deep, restful slumber

Like a child safe in his Father’s strong embrace.

Peaceful dreams, restful dreams.

Let him remember not the stumbled word,

Or awkward pause, for these are passing.

Bring to mind instead the joyful faces,

The lives whose chains his touch has broken,

The hearts set ablaze by the fire of Your Spirit,

The minds enlightened by his words,

The Love that flowed from You through him.

May he wake tomorrow refreshed, renewed,

Empowered for the challenges ahead,

Comforted by the embrace of Your Love.

Keep him strong, that he may serve You well.

And eager, that his service bring him joy.

This I ask, with all my heart,

In Jesus’ name,


Source Prayers for Priests