Thursday, August 13, 2009

Looking for Spiritual Mothers

My encounter with women who have a devotion of praying for our priests is quite amazing. But before I would have such an experience, I'd first ask God to lead the way.

I'd look around the church -- mostly after Mass -- and approach a woman I am led to speak with. I'd look in her eyes, the window to her soul, as I ask her if she'd want to spiritually adopt a priest.

Oftentimes, I'd get this look of excitement and joy. Then she'd say, "What a great apostolate!" "Yes, count me in!" Or "I would love to pray for a priest daily." Unsurprisingly, most of them would say, "I have already been praying for this priest and that priest. Yes, give me one and I will include him on my list of priests to pray for." God never ceases to amaze me!

We have this one particular Spiritual Mother who is quite elegant looking; she always dresses so nicely yet looks somewhat aloof. I was a bit hesitant in approaching her, but the Holy Spirit prompted me to speak with her. So I did. She was distant and rather cautious. I said my hello, introduced myself, and informed her of our apostolate.

She asked me first if I would share her information with others -- she was referring to her phone number and some whereabouts. I said, "Of course not." "And oh," she said, "I see you at church sitting with ________ (she mentions the name of a dear friend of mine who has a "title"), so yes, I think I can adopt a priest." I said I would give her a packet that contains the name of her Spiritual Son and prayers to pray for him.

That was over a year ago. This lady faithfully prayed for the priest assigned to her. After having discerned that it would be alright to visit him, she did just that.

She was overjoyed! She called me right away and told me of her encounter with her priest. Unfortunately, that priest's stay with our diocese terminated and he had to go back to the mainland. But this Spiritual Mother continues to pray for her Spiritual Son.

Twice, she sent him a package full of goodies found only on our islands.

Amazing what our God can do for his anointed priests!

More next time...
Easter A.