Monday, June 24, 2013

Bishop Larry Silva to Receive the Order of Honorary Alii Knight Companion, 7th Degree

Congratulations to our dear Bishop of the Diocese of Honolulu, Bishop Larry Silva, whose dedication to the mission of the Church is most exemplary.
The Royal Order of Kamehameha I will bestow the order of Honorary Alii Knight Companion, 7th degree, on Roman Catholic Bishop Larry Silva, in an investiture ceremony, 6:00 p.m., June 25, in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace in downtown Honolulu. MEDIA NEED TO BE IN PLACE BY 5:45 PM 
The presiding high chief at the ceremony will be Alii Aimoku O Hawaii I, Alii Sir Arthur K. Aiu, Knight Grand Cross Knight (KGCK), and escorting Bishop Silva are Alii Aimoku O Kuhio VI of Kaneohe, Alii Sr. Gary Keawe-Aiko (KGCK) and Alii Aimoku O Kapuaiwa VIII of Kapolei, Alii Sir Clarence DeLude III (KGCK).Bishop Silva will be enrolled as a member of the Hawaii Chapter I of the Royal Order.
The invitation to become of the Honorary Alii Knight Companion, 7th degree, also states of Bishop Larry:
"distinguished himself to membership of Hawaii Chapter I of the Royal Order of Kamehameha 1 during the ceremony at Iolani Palace for Saint Marianne Cope OSF who served with Saint Damien at Kalaupapa, Molokai..."
"Bishop Silva has gained the respect and admiration of the High Chiefs, Chief, Officers, Mamo Hawaii and Na Wahine Hui o Kamehameha 1 for his ecumenical spirit of aloha, kindness sensitivity to our island ways and for his love of the Hawaiian culture and all the cultures for people from around the world who call Hawaii home."

Full text from the Diocese of Honolulu main website.

(This is an invitation-only event. Coverage will be provided by our local t.v. stations, so watch the local news tonight.)