Wednesday, May 1, 2013

At Adoration: Pray for Priests and Increase of Vocation to the Priesthood

As our priests look to God in adoration, let us do the same. 

In adoration of the God of Host, we pray for our priests whose work of sanctification of man honors the High Priest.

This month is vocations month. We pray for many souls to respond to God's call of sanctification of man: We pray that many men will consider entering the seminary, and, that those in the seminary will persevere in their spiritual life and studies.

Lord of Lords 
by Brooke Fraser

Beholding Your beauty 
 Is all that I long for 
 To worship You Jesus 
 Is my sole desire 
 For this very heart 
 You have shaped for be your pleasure 
 Purposed to lift Your Name higher 
 Here in surrender 
 In pure adoration 
 I enter Your courts 
 With an offering of praise 
 I am Your servant
 Come to bring You glory
 As is fit for the work of Your hands 
 [Chorus 1:] 
Now unto the Lamb 
 Who sits on the throne 
 Be glory and honor and praise 
 All of creation resounds with the song 
 Worship and praise Him 
 The Lord of lords 
 Spirit now living 
 And dwelling within me 
 Keep my eyes fixed 
 Ever on Jesus' face 
 Let not the things of this world
 Ever sway me 
 I'll run 'til I finish the race 
Holy Lord 
 You are holy 
 Jesus Christ 
 Is the Lord