Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Priesthood Sunday

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We apologize from our hearts for not commemorating Priesthood Sunday this past Sunday.  To make up for this unfortunate oversight, we would ask that you remember all our priest especially you own dear adopted son this week with the following prayer.

October 28, 2012

Gracious God and loving Father,
you have called and chosen our beloved priest to sacred ministry.
We humbly pray that he be confirmed 
and strengthened with the grace of Your Holy Spirit.
Fill him with grace and counsel, 
that he may love you with all his heart,
all his mind and all his strength.
Grant him irreproachable conduct,
steadfast faith, 
and good works so that he may help and guide your people with unselfish motivation.
Grant him wisdom,
let his mind be sober and watchful,
so that he may be filled with works of healing and words of instruction.
May he teach your people in meekness and serve
you in holiness with an undivided mind and a willing soul.

May he be enlightened by your only begotten Son that
the world of your gospel may be spread and your name 
may be glorified in every creature!

May he serve at your holy altar with pure heart and good conscience!
Grant that he may prosper in all your commandments and the keeping of your laws, 
so that he may be able to minister joyfully on the day of your coming.

Dear Lord, 
we pray that the Blessed Mother wrap her mantle around Father ____________
and all priests, and 
through her intercession strengthen them for their ministry.
May these priests be holy,
filled with the fire of your love
seeking nothing but your greater glory and the salvation of souls.


Saints Peter and Paul R.C. Church, Honolulu, Hawaii