Monday, November 30, 2009

First Sunday of Advent

Fr. Marino Angostura, Pastor of St. Philomena Church

Fr. Marino is known to many as the "singing priest"

He was later joined by Fr. Peter Dumag,
Vocations Director of the Diocese of Honolulu

Pictures were taken at St. Philomen Church on Sunday, November 19,
when I was there to promote and sell my book Serving God Joyfully Right Here in Hawaii

A joyful First Sunday of Advent to ALL OUR PRIESTS and Spiritual Mothers! My special greeting goes to Esther, my dear SM partner in the Lord, the one who put together this lovely blog that we may have a "place" where we can honor our Most High Priest Jesus Christ who is present in our priests, find information, and recognize the efforts of our beloved clergy and encourage one another to pray for and support them.

One of the things I would like to do personally for our priests is offer Mass for them on a regular basis. Though my family remembers them at our daily evening prayers and at daily Mass, I thought I'd start a tradition of offering Mass not just for my Spiritual Sons but for clergy in general. The first Monday of the month to do this would be ideal for me.

It all started when I met a Catholic pro-life lady on Facebook - her name is Karen Taylor - who offers Mass regularly for unborn babies; the idea to offer Mass for pastors was born.

I'd have to set the third Monday of the month as my day of pro-life Mass offering. Why Monday? Because it is the start of the week; most likely, I will have a more continued sense of prayer for these two major concerns.

I praise God for his marvelous ideas!