Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Benedictine Monastery in Hawai'i

Have you ever had the need to get away from the city or from it all?  Not that you want to get away permanently, but for just a day or two maybe? Are you thinking of having a mini retreat? Of going to a place where you will find priests and religious sisters who are there ready to listen and provide you with spiritual tools or advice? Come to the Benedictine Monastery!

It is where I go every other month for a 2-day respite. It's an absolutely beautiful place to commune with God and to experience being in a community.

If you are from the mainland or other parts of the world, come and give this place a try. You are welcome!

The Benedictine Monastery of Hawaii, located in the hills above Waialua, was founded by Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey, Pecos, New Mexico, and belongs to the Benedictine Congregation of Mount Olivet. We are a monastic community of men and women.    As Benedictines we belong to the oldest religious order of the Catholic Church. Our way of life has been followed for nearly 1500 years and is based on Holy Scripture, particularly the gospels, and the Rule of St. Benedict.    Our day centers around the praise and worship of God in the celebration of the Eucharist and the recitation of the Psalms by the community three times a day.    Individual prayer and spiritual reading foster intimacy with the Lord Jesus. For every monk there is a single goal: union with Christ.    Both men and women religious may live within the monastic community and make vows of obedience, stability, conversion of life, chastity and poverty.    Typically, each Benedictine monastery will have its own distinctive characteristics. The Hawaii Benedictines give emphasis to Life in the Spirit; thus we gratefully accept the activity and gifts (charisms) of the Holy Spirit which Jesus promised to his disciples.    As well, our community fosters a special love for Mary, the mother of Our Lord. Daily we pray the rosary together.
Our Purpose    We believe that the Father and God of us all led us to Hawaii to serve His people. Our service is twofold.
1. Prayer. Ours is a community of prayer. We have seen the power of prayer; we have witnessed its effects in promoting healing and wholeness in individuals and families. We Benedictines are committed to prayer for all the people of these islands.
2. Action. Our active service consists in conducting parish missions, retreats, seminars and days of renewal; by counseling individuals and families; by spiritual direction. We also coordinate a program for Benedictine "Oblates" -- these are lay people, married or single, who wish to apply the wisdom of St. Benedict in their daily living.
Our Goal.    Our goal is the promotion of authentic PEACE, God's Peace, within every person.  

Source: Benedictine Monastery website.