Friday, April 27, 2012

Highest vocation in this world and Request for Names of Men Being Ordained to the Priesthood

The following is from a new blog the owner introduced me to:
Extract from Bl Columba Marmion’s conferences to priests on Holy Mass… “The priest is raised to a dignity which is, in a certain sense, divine, for Jesus Christ identifies Himself with him. His role as mediator is the highest vocation in this world. It is worth repeating: if a priest did nothing during his whole life but offer the holy Sacrifice piously every morning, or even if he were to offer it once, he would have accomplished an act greater in the hierarchy of values than those events which convulse the world. For the effect of every Mass will endure for eternity, and nothing is eternal except the divine. We must orient our whole day towards the Mass. It is the central point and sun of the day. It is, as it were, the focus from which there comes to us light, fervour, and supernatural joy. We must hope that, little by little, our priesthood may take possession of our soul and our life so that it may be said of us: “He is always a priest.” That is the effect of a Eucharistic life, embalmed in the perfume of the sacrifice which makes us an alter Christus, another Christ."
HELP NEEDED! READ ON... Traditionally in the Spring and Summer, the Church celebrates her Ordinations of men to the Holy Priesthood of Jesus Christ. In the past I have featured the names of Deacons who will celebrate Holy Orders - so that we may specifically pray for them and rejoice in their 'YES' to Our Lord's plans for them. Are there men in your Diocese who will be ordained to the priesthood soon? Please submit their FULL NAME, DIOCESE/COUNTRY they will serve, and DATE of Ordination. I will add this info at the end of the daily Eucharistic offerings on the day of their Ordinations. What holy ANTICIPATION! This Eucharistic Reflection is archived at Truth Himself.