Friday, July 22, 2011

Fr. Daren Zehnle is in Honolulu

It's been a joy spending time and getting to know better our friend Fr. Daren Zehnle, a young priest and blogger from Springfield, Illinois. The titles he holds in his diocese are Episcopal Master of Ceremonies and Associate Director of the Office for Vocations for the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

He comes to Hawai'i every year for retreats and vacations, sometimes twice a year, which will be the case for this year. When he's in town we make it a point to dine with him.

We took him to Bravo Restaurant in Aiea, a perfect place to take priest friends to with its good Italian and American food and family-friendly atmosphere. Esther and I had taken him there three years ago, so we knew that we would have a good time just as we did then.

Esther and I were delighted that Sarah Oldham and her two children, Rachel and Christian, could join us. I came with my daughter Cy, and Esther with her son Joey.

Taking your spiritual son to dinner at a restaurant and inviting him over for lunch or supper at your home are two of the many good things we can do for our spiritual sons. Make sure to go with your family or friends, or have them visit you when your spouse or children are around. Not only is it a family effort, but it is also a way of teaching our children the value of caring for priests.