Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Line-up of our Diocesan Priests for Prayer for the Month of March

March: Pray for priests

Hawaii’s Secular Franciscans are resurrecting an earlier practice of designating days of the year for prayers for local priests. The concept is simple: On the day listed, prayer for that priest. Here is the March lineup. The Hawaii Catholic Herald will publish the lists one month at a time.


1 Father Thomas Acklin, OSB
2 Father Thomas Gross
3 Father H. James Bartlett, SM
4 Father Clarence Guerreiro, SSCC
5 Father Maryjoseph K. Han
6 Father Manuel Hewe
7 Father Kenneth Templin, SM
8 Father Carmelo Lim
9 Father David Travers, SJ
10 Father Joseph Pathiyil, MF
11 Father Khanh Hoang
12 Father Timothy Eden, SM
13 Bishop Larry Silva
14 your pastor or associate pastor
15 Pope Benedict XVI
16 Father Alapaki Kim
17 Father Samuel E. Loterte, SSS
18 Father Ramelo Somera
19 Father Johnathan Hurrell, SSCC
20 Father Salvador Bringas
21 Father Dennis Koshko
22 Father Joseph E. Specht, SJ
23 Father Teodulo Gaquit
24 Father Bertram Lock, SSCC
25 Father William Kunisch
26 Father Geronimo Castro, MS
27 Father Cosmenio Rosimo
28 Father Albert Garcia, SSCC
29 Father Paul Li
30 Father Napoleon Andres, MS
31 Father Mario Raquepo
For information about the Secular Franciscans of Hawaii, call one of the following: Sharon Paopao, Hilo, 961-4434; Peter Callahan, Kona, 315-7609; Cliff Arrington, Kealakekua, 328-8752; Toni Rodrigues, Maui, 878-1651; John Bonn, Kauai, 631-9320; Chad Parker, Honolulu, 259-5045.

Source: Hawaii Catholic Herald
Mahalo to Editor Patrick Downes for his permission to post this on our blog.