Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pray for our priests!

Our beloved priests in our diocese are having a convocation this week at Turtle Bay. What a joy this should be for all of them, a well-deserved time-off, a retreat, of prayer, exercise and fun -- a time of rejuvenation overall!

May our heavenly Father bless them all -- each one of them -- renew their hearts and minds, and fill them with much gladness and strength. May they fellowship with the love of our Most High Priest Jesus Christ, sing and dance to the delight of the Father, and renew friendships among themselves.

We pray to the Mother of all Priests, Mary, that she will embrace each one of them with the same affectionate love she bears for her own Son.

May all the choirs in heaven rejoice this week for our priests, the image of priesthood of the Risen Christ, and guard them all as they commune, pray and play!

We give Jesus Christ, the Most High Priest, the glory and honor. Now and always!